Gratitude Comes Around

Just like the sun coming up in the morning and the moon shining at night – Gratitude arrives in its splendour.

It’s as if it is never forgotten, misplaced or missed in the majesty of its presence.

Like a welcome letter , a memory, a smile, a laugh, a wink, a bird singing, a bell ringing in the distance, the arrival of the feeling of Gratitude bids a welcome gust of wind on a hot day. Your breath is precious and takes in a life to be living and a dream to be giving.

Sometimes in the midst of a busy day, taking just a moment to celebrate life restores the soul and gives it the wings to take you forward. Allow Gratitude to enter into your thoughts, even if only for a minute or two. Let it give you a hug, a kiss, a memory of something special and engulfing.

Gratitude comes around for each of us, sometimes when we are not ready for it, not really understanding it, yet it arrives and waits for acknowledgement. Be there and let it come into your very being, welcome it like a friend and give it time to be.

Be a giver too, let Gratitude flow from you like a gentle caring stream, refreshing the areas it touches and giving life to those in its path.

Remember the feelings of Gratitude each day, never let it slip through your fingertips as if it is not important – it brings hope, love and freedom to those that listen.

When Gratitude comes around to visit, welcome it, nurture it and take it into your life – the sun will shine that much brighter and the moon glisten in its glory. The stars will light the pathway for you as you carry the power of Gratitude in your heart and out to others that you meet.

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